Home Contractor In Glastonbury

Glastonbury, Connecticut, located in the southeastern border of Hartford County, is home to nearly 35000 people. With easy access to the beautiful Connecticut River and just a few miles from downtown Hartford, Glastonbury is a great place to live and work.

This picturesque town has the oldest operating ferry in the country. Noah Webster went to school here, and taught in the school. Industries such as sawmills, foundries, and shipyards sprung up, making this small community a profitable area. The availability of water power, and the rich stands of hardwood trees, provided plenty of raw materials, and entrepreneurs flocked to the area.

Among other industries that followed in the area were the J.B. Williams Soap Factory. When Mr. Williams perfected his shaving soap at his drugstore, he moved to Glastonbury. This was the beginning of the famous Williams ‘Lectric Shave, along with Aqua Velva.

Hales peaches originated here, too. J.H. Hale perfected his disease and winter resistant peach, and pioneered the shipping process that sent fresh fruit all over the country.

Another entrepreneur was Henry Saglio, who lead the efforts to breed white chickens, since black pinfeathers were an eyesore and difficult to pluck. A&P Food Stores even recognized his contributions to marketing and the food industry.

This vibrant, active city attracts new people. If you are planning to move to Glastonbury, or already live there and need home renovations, contact Specialty Building. We specialize in new home construction, home remodeling, and home additions. If you have an historic home that needs renovation, give us a call.

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