Ray and I have worked together, as builder and architect, on many projects over the years. So when it came to selecting a contractor for our own addition, Ray was our obvious choice. And we gave him some serious challenges, not the least of which was building an outdoor porch, a story above the ground level, with real Red Pine tree trunks as support columns, in ”honor” of the log cabin to which it was attached. Between the columns were to be screens made to be removable for future repairs, etc. My original detail for the screen frames was proving to be quite difficult, as each frame had to be carefully fitted to the irregular surfaces of the natural columns. Ray came up with the solution, far better and more aesthetically pleasing than my detail would have been.

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Richard L. Hughes III, Architect

Undergoing a major renovation on our 1940’s home in 2008 was not an easy task. We researched quite a few builders in the area, but ended our search when someone recommended Specialty Building and Ray Vereneau out of New Britain, CT.

Upon interviewing Ray, it was clear his knowledge and reputation was exactly what we were looking for. Our addition was not an easy one. The roofline not only had many valleys but with it’s curved appearance was one only a skilled craftsman could build. Due to the asymmetrical nature of our home, the construction plans had many fine details that most companies didn’t even have the understanding or expertise to tackle.

We added approximately 2,000 sq. ft. to an existing 1,800 sq. ft. home. The addition was done while our family of five lived in the home (our children’s ages at the time were 3, 4 & 6). Ray accommodated our needs, made it as comfortable as possible and most of all listened to what we were looking for. Ray would review the drawings, point out any issues he anticipated and made sure we knew what the final results would look like prior to the work being done.

In the end, we cannot thank Ray enough for his insight and expertise in building our addition and are delighted to be able to recommend Specialty Building to anyone looking for a builder with knowledge, experience and integrity.

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Kim and John Downes

In 1991 Ray Vereneau built a family room on a concrete foundation he had poured with an extension to the second floor master bedroom and bath, as well as a screened porch. In 2011 he redid our kitchen with granite counters, new cabinets and cut a space into the outside wall of the house to fit a new window 4 times the size of the then existing window.

Since 1992 because of Ray’s excellent workmanship on the 1991 addition, he has done all the construction needs of an existing 12,000 square foot building I own in Farmington.

Ray is honest, trustworthy, dependable, most knowledgeable, very creative (thinks “outside the box”) and has the highest of standards for all the work he does. I have referred numerous people to Ray and all who have used him have been most pleased by the quality of his work and his exceptional standards. All of the several lumber yards I have used over the past 25 years tell me what I already know; he is simply the BEST.

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Bob Hall DDS

Ray Vereneau is superb. My husband and I both work full time and so could not be present during much of the day to day progress on our home addition. We were completely confident that Ray always acted in our best interest. His work is top notch. The addition which Ray completed for us gets constant compliments. His creative ideas even improved upon our architect’s design. His advice is invaluable and he stands by his work. We look forward to working with him for our next project!

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Christine and Ben Doolittle

In 2000, Ray Vereneau and his crew built a 1000 sq. ft. addition onto my house and every step was easy and pleasant. From working with the architect through final build, Specialty Building was specific, thoughtful, and professional. I had such a good experience that, several years later when I downsized, I used them again to create a master bath, kitchen, mudroom, and deck. They do wonderful work and I recommend them to one and all.

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Megan O.

Ray Verneau built our house back in 1988. Our 4,000 square foot home was designed by Peter Woerner and thus was quite elaborate with many unique and custom aspects.

Ray did an excellent job constructing the house and he came in on time and within budget. Over the past 27 years we have had virtually no structural or design problems. To this day Ray’s workmanship and expertise stand out as a testament to just how good a craftsman he is.

We would highly recommend Ray to anyone who is considering building on remodelling their home.

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Phelps & Sharon Platt

Ray Vereneau is the builder you want working on your project. He renovated our home from top to bottom, including interior spaces, kitchen, baths, mechanical systems, and a new addition. The age and original construction of the house created complex structural and execution issues which he solved with creativity and wisdom from his many years of experience in the business. He is a problem solver and brings practical knowledge to design ideas always asking the right questions to be sure you get the product that meets your needs. He builds it right the first time. The quality of his workmanship is the highest professional skill level and he stands by his work over many years. Last year for a follow up project, we went straight to Specialty Building and Ray Vereneau and would not have considered anyone else.

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Marilyn and Paul Glover

Ray Vereneau built an addition for us that more than doubled our living area. There were many unique and unusual features and no matter what I came up with Ray was able to build it to a high standard. He stayed with the project from start to finish. Unlike my past experience with contractors, Ray never left the job and disappear for periods of time. He is very professional and knows how to solve problems. I put a theater in the basement and the design called for columns to support the structure. Ray came up with a solution that kept the very large space open and eliminated the column. I highly recommend Ray.

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Robin Layland

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